Why TI-82?

You may notice my grovelling peasant-like loyalty to the TI-82 graphing calculator. However, this is not because I believe the TI-82 is a stupendous calculator, and can solve world hunger. It actually just happens to be the first calculator I owned and know the most about. I also wanted to focus on just the TI-82, so that I coulp help all of the TI-82 users a lot, rather than every type of Texas Instrument Graphing Calcutor user out there a little bit. Furthermore, it makes it easier for one to find TI-82 info here, because that's all that exists here.

Now recognize: if I was to go out and purchase another Calculator I would probably not buy a TI-82. One reason it cannot do that much, especially in comparison to other models. And since the price is not a whole lot cheaper than the other fancier models, its not a good value. A good value is the TI-83 and TI-86. These are the new calculators which replaced the old TI-82s and TI-85s, respectively. However, I am glad I am using a TI-82 for the reason that it is easy to learn and use, and there are a lot of users and programs already. If you have $200 to burn you could go for the TI-92 which is damn good and supposedly easy to use!

And now they have the 73 and 89, so check those out too.


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