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TI-82 Specs

[Big TI-82 Calc Photo]

The Best Gif Format Image of a TI-82 on the Net!

  • 8-line by 16-character display.
  • TI-82 CPU w/6 MHz Zilog Z80.
  • 94 pixels wide, 82 pixel high screen.
  • Operates by menu system.
  • Able to calculate single digits or lists of values.
  • up to 14-digit accuracy.
  • Display up to 10 digits plus a 2-digit exponent.
  • You can store 10 functions.
  • Simultaneous graphing of more than one function allows graphing of 10 functions.
  • Graphical zoom features.
  • Functions can be displayed in tables showing inputs and outputs.
  • Can compute values of a function, roots, max, min, integrals, and derivatives.
  • Can easily handle matrix operations
  • Can find best fit desired function of lists of inputs and outputs
  • Box-and-whisker plots, histograms, scatter diagrams, and regression equation graphs.
  • Programmable, with your limit being memory
  • Constant Memory™.
  • 28.2K bytes of memory.
  • Cable for link to another TI-82 or sometimes TI-83 or TI-85.
  • Screen can be projected on to a an overhead with special unit.
  • Accessories available for swapping of information between computer and calculator.
  • Able to be hooked up to receive information from special measuring by Texas Instruments.
  • Requires only 4AA and a Lithium battery which will last awhile.
  • Protective Case requires good size drops and squashings before damage.
  • Calculator poster and keyboard transparency available.
  • Comes with a Guidebook
  • Is the most popular Texas Instrument Graphing Calculator
  • The standard for millions of math and science classrooms