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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I want to put programs/games on my TI-82


I'm looking for a certain program/game, where is it?

Go to TI-Files, it has programs and games and information on how to put them on your calculator. The URL to TI-Filies is

I lost my TI-82 manual. Where can I get another?

Go to the Texas Instruments page, where you can download the manual to your computer in the Portable Document Format (PDF) at, and print it out or just view it. I downloaded it to my computer, just to have a digital copy accessible from my computer.

*You'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.

Link to the Guidebook 1551 kb (PDF) [as of 2-13-2000]

How do I turn up the brightness of the LED screen on my TI-82?

I just put in new batteries, and my screen is pretty much blank.

Press the 2nd button then the up arrow.

More importantly, use your manual to find answers like this, if you don't have it with you then follow the directions to the above FAQ about getting a manual online.

How do I do [some math function or calculation1]?

I'm probably a dick for not answering some of these simple questions, but I won't, because you should get the answer to these questions from:

  1. The TI-82 Manual
  2. Your closest teacher of mathematics

I take this policy because that's what the manual is for, and that's what teachers are for, these are two great resources, and I want more people using them.

However, if these don't resources have the answer (and sometimes they don't), check out these mailing lists. If these folks don't know the answer, nobody does. Anyway, your better off spending your time mailing them, because frankly I hardly ever know the answer.


1: like derivatives, statistics, polar graphing, etc.