My page is not visually exciting. But is a complex appearance necessary? The following pages are purposely not loaded with multimedia and fancy looks. I believe that most of the visitors, who are interested in Texas Instrument Calculators, just want to learn something about the TI-82, or download some files and then hit the road. And this the place that utilizes that theory! Its all here, right out in front of you, easy, simple and straight forward. If you are bored by my web pages, than you should not be interested in TI-82 calculators. Because they are damn simple. Personally, that is why I enjoy them and why many others do. You can make them as confusing as you would like them to be. Although initially simple, TI-82s can be used in complex ways.

There simplicity allows even me, to have complete control over it. The TI-82 calculator provides an excellent work and programming environment. For one, it the TI-82 has the characteristic of being very error-free (that's error not caused by the user). Especially in comparison to the wonderful Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, which I occasionally curse at.


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