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My Programs


Programs Page

Addemupadds consecutive digits
Program for Austronautscalculates how much oxygen you should release to get your self back to the ship without using all your oxygen
Unit Conversionsinput value, assign unit, decide what unit to convert to . . . tadda!
Ganson Grade FinderFinds your grade in any of Mr. Ganson's class. This is useful if you go to my school.
Easy ISimplify powers of the imaginary number i, and also comes with dec.82g a program that finds the remainder of a fraction > 1
Gravity constant of planetIf you know the mass and the radius of YOUR planet you can find it's gravity
Monte Carloinput random numbers into function over interval. . . average outputs, multiply by interval, get area under function over interval
Simpsonprogram that finds the area under a curve using Riemman sums, the TI-82's method of finding the integral, or 3 different methods of Simpsons.
Stop Watchjust what it says
Yippytake algebra II, pre-calculus, calculus, trigonometry, and beyond? This is a menu-driven informational storage program. I guess you could call it a cheat sheet?